Muscovite, which replaced the passport a month ago, has been denied access to electronic voting

the Man who changed the passport at the end of may, despite all efforts, was not able to register for electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. This was reported to “Rosbalt” the participant events.

According to the Muscovite, to achieve 45 years of age, as required by law, change the passport. The document was issued may 28, 2020.

“I decided to vote for amendments to the Constitution in electronic form, given that the epidemiological situation, in my opinion, does not have to personal visit the polling stations. However, immediately faced difficulties,” said the man.

According to him, since June 14, he tried unsuccessfully to change passport with new personal account on the portal a passport is not tested. I had to write appeals to the Ministry of interior (after checking the validity of passports in a special form) and the technical support portal

“In the end of 19 June, I received a response that the technical failure is resolved, then was able to change the data of the passport and apply for a listing for e-voting. However, late in the evening of 24 June, I received a message that I was denied inclusion in the register for electronic voting, whereas the information in the statement is allegedly incorrect or do not meet the conditions for inclusion in the registry. Although all the application fields automatically filled with data from personal Cabinet,” said the man.

to resolve the issue of failed — all information and consulting resources of the CEC and Mosgorizbirkoma just don’t work. “That also failed to call in the morning in Moscow election Committee, though the vote is already started, there did not answer. And on the “hot line” I was advised to come to the site personally. Contact e-TEC free I also could not find” — said the Muscovite. — Honestly, I’m shockedfocus: it turns out that for all the loud declarations of digitization to make the document into a single database we can not almost a month.”

we will Remind, since June 25, the country began early voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region you can vote in electronic form. In the morning from a number of electronic voting have been complaints about difficulties in access to the site and hangs the system. Currently, the electronic voting system is stable. The CEC explained that the intermittent failure was caused by simultaneous connection of a large number of users at the start of voting.

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