Muscovites can visit doctors in 25 clinics in new locations

Until the end of 2023 updated 135 buildings clinics will appear in 78 districts of Moscow. These data led the Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, today the doctors 25 Metropolitan municipal clinics, which is waiting for the overhaul, started to accept patients in the other buildings.

Rakova noted that the renovated clinic will be evenly placed around the map of the city: in nine districts, at least four to five buildings will be updated.

the Clerk explained that when writing to the doctor repaired the clinic, the patient no further action is not necessary to perform. The address of the new building of the patient will indicate pass. Takee information about the details of the visit at any time view your personal account on the portal

Rakova also said that Moscow launched 10 new public transport routes that allow direct connections to new doctors receive.

the press service of mayor’s office said that clinics in the course of repair will be replaced all communications, engineering and ventilation systems. For patients will create a comfortable waiting area.

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