Muscovites got mobile access to electronic medical records

Moscow has over 10 million electronic patient files and more than 650 thousand citizens issued access to their medical data. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, Friday, June 26, the electronic health card will be available for Muscovites on smartphones. The official said that Muscovites will be able to enter data about your health in the map.

Access to electronic health records on the portal for residents of Moscow opened from January 14, 2020. All medical records of electronic medical records in a mobile application can be downloaded and send via email or instant messengers.

it is Clarified that for the convenience of Muscovites on your smartphone recording is also available on reception to the doctor. In addition, using electronic medical records to monitor key health indicators.

Rakova said that Muscovites will be able to load information about children’s immunizations, history of diseases of parents and grandparents.

Recall that to download the mobile app “SYSTEM.INFO” and “SYSTEM connect” in Google Play or AppStore. To gain access to the electronic medical record requires verification.

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