Muscovites warned about the appearance of gadflies and horseflies

the Population of mosquitoes and aggression are part of the normal. This was stated by experts Mospeada, said the press service of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow.

Thus, there deny the opinion of the entomologist, who said that the mosquitoes in Moscow began to behave more aggressively, so as to fill the supply deficit that occurred they are due to the regime self-isolation. In Mospeada warned residents of the capital region about the appearance of gadflies and horseflies from the middle of this month.

“In June, the mosquito season, so were particularly prominent in their activity, from mid-July they will be less, but there will be gadflies and horseflies,” — said the Agency.

they also added that mosquitoes no people are not starving and can feed on nectar of flowers.

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