Muscovites warned of the danger of swimming with the ducks

Muscovites warned against swimming at our beaches and waters where swimming ducks. As explained by the head of Board of all-Russian public organization “Green patrol” Andrey Nagibin, the swimming can be dangerous to health.

In comments to radio station “Moscow speaking” Nagibin explained that the ponds where it is forbidden to swim, you do not have flowage, they “bloom” (ie covered with algae). “Our ducks are still there, they’re also vectors of infection,” — said the ecologist. He also pointed out that “blooming” water is a perfect breeding ground for various bacteria.

“you Have to be not that desperate, but just headless to go swimming where it is not recommended”, — he stressed. Nagibin has also assured that the Moscow authorities are closely monitoring the status of the equipped beaches, the CPS regularly collects samples of water at these beaches to swim there safely.

Remind, on June 9, the first day after the lifting of the isolation imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus, the Muscovites opened the swimming season, without waiting for official permission from the authorities.

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