Muscovites warned of the storm showers on Tuesday

Forecasters said the weather in Moscow next week.

According to them, the Muscovites will have to survive another rainy day. Tuesday, June 23, in the capital, the probability of storm rains in the city may fall in the order of 15-20 mm of rain.

Tuesday, according to the experts of the center weather “Phobos”, will be the coolest in the week. In the afternoon columns of thermometers will not rise above 20 degrees.

Meteorologists predict that in the remaining days in Moscow will be warm — up to 23-26 degrees.

Recall that on Saturday, June 20, in Moscow collapsed tropical downpour, dozens of cars went into the water on the roof on Vernadsky Avenue and Varshavskoe highway, just flooded or flooded were more than 30 sections of road and two underpass.

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