Muscovites were told where and how to take a free test for coronavirus antibodies

All Muscovites from 27 may receive the opportunity to be tested for determining the presence of antibodies to COVID-19.

the first phase of the program, free testing for antibodies in Moscow for tests could only be the citizens chosen in a random way.

blood sampling will be conducted on the basis of 30 urban adult outpatient clinic with observance sanitary-epidemiological requirements. Points of blood collection are open daily from 08:00 to 20:00.

Testing for antibodies to coronavirus is the ELISA method (enzyme immunoassay). Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is a blood test that allows the ratio of antigens G and M to understand whether there is a human immune to the transferred coronavirus infection, the approximate time when he suffered a coronavirus, or in what stage is the disease.

to be tested in the clinic, to which people are attached, or in point of blood sampling are located in the County. The list of participating clinics is published on the website Mosgorspravka.

Testing is conducted by appointment only. This can be done on the portal on the official portal SYSTEM, the portal SYSTEM.Info or using the mobile app “SYSTEM.Info”, via the mobile application “public Services of Moscow” or through information kiosks located in the polyclinics of the city.

the Results are available in the electronic medical record within three days from the date of blood donation. There will also be a detailed transcript of all indicators and a clear explanation of what to do next.

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