Françoise Nyssen had made one of his horses to battle. Organizing a year ago, with the ministry of territorial Cohesion, the first national conference on culture and rural areas. Twelve months later almost to the day, the question of cultural deserts remain hot. Question to which the festivals, the diversity of which related to our mode of public funding remains an exception, could yet provide serious responses. Because “it is easy to forget, but the origin of the word festival is linked to the companies orphéoniques that, in the Nineteenth century, prospered even in the most remote villages”, rappelle-t-on within the federation France Festivals. Origins popular. Often workers or agricultural. The Chorégies of Orange will not say the contrary. The manifestation lyric, which is celebrating 150 years, the oldest French festival, finds its origins in a comice agricole.

An anchor for rural that continues today. Witness the …

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