in the courtyard of the former military barracks of the Seventeenth renovated by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, musical notes escape. From the outset, we recognize the air resulting in One , the final A Chorus Line , where the dancers lift their leg and their hats to slap in rhythm. Here, at Moulins, in the heart of France, the Centre national du costume de scene always holds beautiful exhibitions. The latter, dedicated to the legendary musicals of Broadway, the West End in London and Paris is once more moving. Playful, when the visitor puts on a trench coat and a yellow umbrella for land near a street lamp way Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain . Poetic when you walk in such a the family von Trapp on the lawn of The Melody of happiness . Joyful when we pass the swings of the Pink Ladies of Grease feathers, rhinestones and sequins 42nd Street . This exhibition is a delight.

Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, “ the Phantom of The Opera” owes a lot to the costumes of Maria Björnsson, here’s one of the “Red Death”. Florent Giffard

inside, nice and warm, the visitor is immersed in behind-the-scenes …

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