The comedies of tomorrow sacred. Saturday night, the movie My baby by Lisa Azuelos has been crowned during the Grand prix of the 22nd Festival of the Alpe d’huez, and its main actress Sandrine Kiberlain winning the prix d’interprétation féminine.

In this feature-length film, in theaters on march 13, the director tackles new, ten years after LOL with Sophie Marceau, the mother-daughter relationships through the story of a mother of three children, as portrayed by Sandrine Kiberlain, who has difficulty separating from his latest little one who is going to study in Canada. Chronic both funny and tender of the life of a woman who arrives at a turning point delicate of its existence, My baby is directly inspired by the life of Lisa Azuelos, who was entrusted with the role of Jade to her own daughter, Thaïs Alessandrin. “This is our history”, explained the director in an interview with the AFP. To see his children leave the house, “this is not something simple, and I really wanted to explore what it does to the inside of the body, the emotions, everything that goes up, what it feels like”.

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The public prize has been awarded to so far everything is going well by Mohamed Hamidi, a comedy about the suburbs and the clash of cultures, with the duo Gilles Lellouche-Malik Benthala. The special prize of the jury returns to the Shrimp spangled Cedric Le Gallo and Maxime Govare, where a swimming champion homophobic is condemned to lead a team of water polo gay. François Civil won the award for best male actor in the film My unknown by Hugo Gélin, where he tries to win back his wife, become a perfect unknown.

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the jury of The festival’s status was chaired by the actress Alexandra Lamy, accompanied by Rossy De Palma, Anne Marivin, Rayane Bensetti and Eric Elmosnino. My baby succeeds The final , a drama-comedy with Thierry Lhermitte in grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease, culminating in 2018.