Six years after the futuristic Timeless 2013 , Mylène Farmer goes on stage from Friday 7 June for a series of nine concerts in Paris-La Défense-Arena, the largest hall in Europe. “This will be the biggest show ever mounted in Europe,” promises the manager and co-producer Thierry Suc. Even without such an excess, that we can make out in the trailer released before this new show is highly anticipated as the shows of Mylène Farmer are unique. In the thirty-five-year career, she has made a series of eight concerts. It is little but understandable considering the work they represent in the sets, costumes, hairstyles and special effects.

as his loyal producer, Thierry Suc and the boss of her record label Pascal Nègre, his team changes very little. With the exception of the Mylenium Tour in 1999, she has come alone, she co-wrote always the artistic direction of Laurent Boutonnat. John Nollet him imagine her hairstyles improbable since 2006. The famous set designer Mark Fisher (Rolling Stones, Johnny Hallyday) has worked for Mylène Farmer from 2006 until his death in 2013. Fred Peveri until 2006 and then Dimitri Vassiliu have worked on the lights. Christophe Danchaud has always taken care of the choreography. For the costumes of the last three shows, Mylène Farmer has trust in Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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Sophisticated, the design is full of surprises which fans are still talking about it years after the fact. A special attention is paid on its inputs and its outputs. If the themes are those of his universe (the religion, the sex, the fascination with death, melancholy…), she takes care of play on the contrasts from one show to another. In 1989, for his first time on stage, she put on the black ambience of a spooky cemetery. In 1996, she took the opposite and returned and virginal in a white light way birth of Venus of Botticelli. Over time, it has had its medieval period, its period egyptian and period futuristic. On stage, she often makes reference to a place of heritage linked to the religion or the work of an artist. This is the replica of the doors of the baptistery of St. John Florence (1338), the dancers stumbled, inspired by the sculpture The trans of René de Chalon that we can admire in the church of Saint-Étienne in Bar-le-Duc (Meuse), to the fantastic and surrealist visual artist in switzerland and creator of Alien , Hans Ruedi Giger, which has inspired the decoration of the Mylenium Tour in 1999.

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That is to say, if the fans trépignent. To start the mouth-to-ear, two teasers, one for J-3, the other to J-1 have been disseminated on social networks. On Mylè the reference site, the rumors are rife. “Never, we only saw so many dancers,” stated a fan. “They have dyed their hair red to blend in with the decor carme”, believes guess another. John-Edward M., a framework in the automotive industry who has seen every concert of his idol since 1989 has its own small idea. “At the end of Timeless 2013, she left us, sucked into a white light, as projected in a rocket,” he said. For us, she stayed for six years in suspension. Moreover, it flies and seems to fall on the poster of the concert. Maybe will we see it happen from the top down among us, but this time in an atmosphere of fire with different shades of red?” In the meantime to discover the scenography of 2019, here are the ten most beautiful moments of Mylène Farmer on stage since his debut in 1989.

Its most beautiful entries

In 2006, gregorian chants resonate in Bercy. Two monumental doors closed, replicas of those in the Saint-Jean baptistery in Florence, to protect the scene. The ceiling of the room, down a sarcophagus made of plexiglass in which it is lying Mylène Farmer. He landed on a central stage in the form of a cross pattée. Ten carriers with a shaved head wearing loose coats purple egyptian motifs off the wires and carry the sarcophagus on the main stage. The two giant doors open. The sarcophagus slowly to the vertical. Mylène Farmer opens suddenly eyes. The door to the coffin opens, and the star comes out dressed in thigh-high boots and a cape with golden fringes.

In 1999, on the Mylenium Tour , the stage curtain falls and unveils a huge statue egyptian throne in the background of the scene. The skull of the statue splits in two, and Mylene Farmer appears wearing a loose-fitting transparent dress. Suspended in the air, she flew up to the hand of the statue and love. Noise of thunder. She sang Budding Love .

1989. The foundation of the myth. An entry incredible, which gave the tone to all the others. The stage is concealed behind the bars of a cemetery. Music disturbing. Very dark Ambiance. A monk veil comes in and opens the windows in a deafening noise of keys. The grids diverge, we hear a “tic-tac” was worrying, and the singer appears .

Timeless 2013. After an intro how 2001 a Space Odyssey with a particle accelerator, dressed as a James Bond girl in a combination of golden signed Jean-Paul Gaultier, Mylène Farmer made his entrance aboard a space capsule.

Its more beautiful outputs:

In 2006 at Bercy, it ends up on Before the shadow . In dress, medieval-like kimono with a long train and long sleeves, Mylène Farmer crosses a curtain of water that moves aside to let it pass and then closed behind it. The singer rises a monumental staircase, drops her coat. She wears underwear flesh-colored but gives the impression of being totally naked. She raises her hand. The monumental gates, replicas of the Saint-Jean baptistery of Florence is closed in a thud.

The tables highlights

Spotted in an advertisement Citroën, robots and whites of Timeless2013 emerge from the ground, fixing the crowd with their red eyes and blue electric. Flexible, they dance gracefully around the singer. In the audience, the dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot is bluffée: “They have neither arms nor legs, but we can guess their shoulders, and their rib cages and their pool. He identifies himself with them.”

On the Tour in 2009, where Mylène Farmer has done the Stade de France, the show is apocalyptic, and the focus is on the “skinned”, a theme inspired by a body emaciated from the medieval sculpture of lorraine René of Chalon that we can admire in the church of Saint-Étienne in Bar-le-Duc in the Meuse. In addition to the ballet dancers “stumbled” on the title the Soul-Stram-Gram , we note two skeletons in a state of putrefaction advanced seven meters high.

About the song Draw me a sheep during the Mylénium Tour in 1999, a pod silver decorated on each side of the head of an ibis of the God Thoth descended from the sky. The singer is sitting, goes up in the air, while a rain of confetti falls on the audience.

In 1989, everyone remembers it, she reproduced the clip of Libertine on the scene with the same actress who played her rival. Face-to-Face, they take over. The beginning of a career of flames.