These are not the bells of Easter, but they volatilize yet, without a trace. Two new bells, classified as historical Monuments have been stolen in the chapels of the Var, a month after those stolen in Ginasservis, a-t-we learned on Monday submitted to the prosecutor of Draguignan, ignoring for the moment whether it is individual acts or a single author.

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The small town of Brue-Auriac realized in early August that, at the top of its romanesque chapel, the bronze bell of 85 kilos, dating back to 1847 had vanished. “The chapel of Notre-Dame is closed to the centre of the village which probably explains why it has been referred to,” responded the mayor André Rousselet.

“Probably already melted” The chapel Notre-Dame du Revest, to Esparon-de-Pallières. Wikimedia

“there has been no damage, the bell has probably already been melted,” said the municipal official, which according to his calculations estimated the amount taken from the molten metal to approximately 500 euros. Engraved and including the medallion of the founder, Mr. Rousselet said that it would be difficult for a collector to resell it.

“those bells are for resale or they are melted down to recover the bronze”

Peter Arpaia, deputy prosecutor of Draguignan

twenty kilometers, the village of 345 inhabitants of Esparron-de-Pallières ‘ also discovered that the bell of his chapel off-centre from the centre of the village had also been stolen. “There are a couple of years the two entrance doors and a statue of the virgin had already been stolen and we never recovered,” said Thierry Basso, secretary of the town hall.

“We take it very seriously. Whether those bells are for resale or they are melted down to recover the bronze,” said the deputy prosecutor of Draguignan Peter Arpaia. “We have approached the business to see if it’s isolated acts or by the same authors. For the moment there is no hypothesis a priority,” continued the magistrate.

In mid-July in the same department, to Ginasservis, of the bells, 80 and 53 pounds had been stolen in two chapels. The second bell dating from 1737, was it also classified as historical Monuments.

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