José José, known in Mexico as the “Prince of song”, passed away Saturday at the age of 71 years in a Miami hospital in Florida, where he had lived for several years with her youngest daughter Sarita Sosa, 25 years old. The announcement of the death, his two eldest, José Joel and Marysol, who reside in Mexico, immediately returned to the United States to ensure their father, artist 100 million records sold, immensely popular in many countries of Latin America. But on their arrival at the funeral home, the mortal remains of the singer was gone, they announced Sunday.

“I take this opportunity to request the assistance of the minister of foreign Affairs (mexican, Marcelo) Ebrard because we want to find my father, or rather the body of my father,” said the son of the artist in the mexican television TV Azteca.

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“We need to know if my father is really dead”

The two elders, the fruit of the second marriage to the singer suspect that their half-sister, Sarita, who comes from a third union, have entered into an exclusive contract with some of the media for access to the body. His refusal to disclose information “makes me think of a contract”, estimated José Joel. “First we need to know if my father is really dead, and then do an autopsy, and then take him to Mexico,” he said Monday to the press. “As long as I won’t watch, I do not believe it not,” she said her sister Marysol.

“there is no death certificate, we went into the hospitals, no one has information (…) we went to the police, there is no report on the death of Jose. We ask you, Sarah (the youngest daughter), tell us where you found José, the mexican people ask you,” said Laura Nunez, the manager, who also went to Miami.

The singer left all rights of his work, the fruit of 55 years of career, to Sarita. In recent years, he had distanced himself from his two seniors. Despite a reconciliation that is recent, they accuse their half-sister and the mother of the latter have prevented them from seeing their father.

In a press release published Monday on the social networks, Sarita has relied on the american law to justify the situation. “The Us laws are very strict. Unfortunately, even his wife could not see the body,” she wrote. After leaving doubt, the young woman has also taken to reassure the Mexicans: “mexican People, we take you to Mexico so you can tell him goodbye”.

“A man of the people”

In an interview Sunday at the american chain Spanish-speaking Univision, Sarita had urged his half-brother and his half-sister, to remain united to “bear up” the name of José José. Without however to reveal the whereabouts of the body of his father. According to the young woman, the singer had defeated cancer of the pancreas, but the weakness of his body eventually led to his death.

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on Sunday in Mexico city, hundreds of fans have greeted the cries and songs, the memory of the artist to Claveria, the neighborhood where he grew up. “It was a great figure for her magnificent voice, but also for its sensitivity. For all, he was a man of the people”, told AFP Rogelio Cuevas, 86-year-old, who was his neighbor. The mayor of Mexico city announced on Monday the organization of a karaoke giant on October 4, around the songs of José José in a park in the capital.