Nabiullina spoke about the denomination of the ruble

the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina sees no reason to pursue the Russian national currency denomination, and the controller won’t even consider such an option. She stated this today in the Federation Council.

“No denominations, no monetary reform we never considered. We have the order of all and denominations, and banknotes. No reason here to change not” — quotes RIA “news” the head of the Central Bank.

In her words, “no limits, no changes” the regulator is not considering and has no plans.

for his part, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko spoke on this subject more rigidly, calling the conversations about the possible denomination of the ruble “absolute provocation”.

Recall that the initiative to denominate ruble in 1998, has made last week the head of information-analytical center “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev. However, if in 1998, the course of the denomination was 1,000:1, but now, according to experts, it would be optimal to divide the ruble at 100. The main reason, according to the analyst, it is necessary to conduct a denomination — sharply increased the amount of cash in Russia.

According to Razuvaev, “the business brings cash”, which indicates the growth of cash, the shadow economy and so on. “I think the penny should be returned, a bottle of water — 50 cents, for a long time it suggests”, he said, noting that the exchange rate will be 60-70 cents per dollar.

in addition, he noted, is considered to be successful denomination during a period of low inflation, and inflation in Russia in annual terms by 3%.

According to the Bank of Russia, since the beginning of July the volume of cash in Russia has already exceeded the record high of 11.6 trillion.

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