A true work of stakhanoviste. The formula is not excessive to describe the scope of research conducted by Aymar du Gueret and his team on the if mysterious Nadia Khodossievitch, became the wife of Fernand Léger in 1952. In total, nearly ten years of investigations were necessary for the author to trace the singular existence of this artist-a painter born in 1904 in Belarus and died in Grasse in 1982. Result is a rich set of stories and illustrations, as he reveals today in a dense book, and which owes much to the collaboration of the relatives – including her great-granddaughter, Nathalie Samoïlov – this fiery activist of the communist Party. Such an investigation would have been possible without their participation? Of course not. The family, strong, appreciative of his ancestress, should possess not less than 70 % of its production (gouache, oils, drawings, pastels…), covering fifty years of creations (supremacist, purist, cubist, surreal, …

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