A pop musician in nigerian, Augustine Kelechi better known by his stage name “Tekno”, has been questioned by the police for throwing money at dancers as scantily-clad, fluttering in the streets of Lagos, said on Wednesday the police.

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“We invited Tekno yesterday for questioning about an incident involving him with half-naked girls were dancing in a truck in motion” in a neighbourhood of Lagos, has said the spokesman of the police of the metropolis economic Bala Elkanah to the AFP. “He was released after the interrogation”, he added.

According to the spokesperson, the investigation continues on the incident dates back to Friday night, and it is unclear if there will be suites. A video that has become viral on social networks, shows the singer in the process of launching of the tickets to the girls in their underwear, engaged in a number of “pole dance” in a truck to the sidewalls widely in glass in the middle of a traffic jam. The musician, 26-year-old has apologized Sunday on his page on Instagram to “anyone who felt offended”. The artist explained that he was shooting a music video and had missed vehicles for a transfer from one place to another around midnight.

“We had no reason to dance in a truck towards Lekki. There was no music, no ventilation in the truck. It was about midnight. It was in no way advertising for a strip club or dance naked in the street without a valid reason”, he says. “In addition, we respect and decency in Lagos. As we are entertainers, we are always aware of what we have and do not put in danger. Our sincere apologies to those who have seen or who have felt offended by the scene. This was not our aim,” concludes the singer.

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