The generation Club Dorothée has grown up, and for some, the passion for manga has not wavered. It is even the opposite. In France, the market of the japanese book has crossed a new milestone according to the latest report of the national book centre and Ipsos. There is a clear progression from 2017 and is part of the three genera are the most read in france. In the light of this success, many publishers are engaged in the race. Nako , for example, published by Michel Lafon, in the collection Shibuya, is the last born of a French production that continues to gain in quality. The manga, it was written by the rapper havrais Third World and illustrated by Maxime Masgrau, promises to seduce the French audience.

below is the clip Toby or not toby Third World

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Nako is a young inhabitant of the rural village of Kaluline. His fate seems sealed. He is looking forward to pass the ritual of the forest, which will make him an adult in order to join the guard of the village. What is known as “the clan of The Convinced”. However, the peace that has reigned for several centuries, has never been so fragile, and it could be that Nako may grow faster than expected… Le Figaro went to the meeting of Third World and jimmy Masgrau.

LE FIGARO. – This is your first manga. Why have you chosen to direct you to this genre?

THIRD WORLD . – I had the opportunity to visit the workshop of Naoki Urasawa, the author of Pluto . It was the turning point. I told myself that it was absolutely essential that I make a manga. I then called Maxime Masgrau, with whom I had worked for the cover of my album No Future, and I proposed to make a manga with me. The idea was a little crazy and impromptu, he must admit it, but he immediately accepted! It was artistic love at first sight. As this is my first scenario, I had to teach myself. I read the anatomy of The scenario by John Truby explains all the techniques of writing. Then, I plunged into a documentary american titled Star Wars empire of dreams , that comes back on all the big sagas, like lord of the Rings or Harry Potter , inspired by the Greek mythology. This is what I tried to transpose into the universe of Nako, adding to it a pinch of Game of Thrones .

nature has a prominent place in Nako. Michel Lafon, Shibuya Production

Is this particular to be a mangaka French, knowing that the genre is dominated by the Japanese?

THIRD WORLD . – It is necessary that I begin with a mea culpa . Recently, I was refractory to the manga in French a little silly. I said to myself: “It is not japanese it’s not manga.” When the Radiant, a manga of the French Tony Valente, has been adapted as an anime in Japan, I have not been able to resist the urge to give him his chance. I devoured the series, and then I threw myself on lastman square and I understood that we could make the manga good-quality French. I hope, moreover, that the French authors are going to stick together and launch a french touch in the manga! This, as it has already happened with music with electro.

How was your collaboration?

MAXIME. – When we launched, one objective was to realize a campaign participatory. Once we had finished the first forty pages, we’re entered in the contest of the Festival ” Magic of Monaco, is dedicated, among other things, in the Manga.

THIRD WORLD. – We have participated to gauge our work. If we have not won the contest, the jury has, however, created for us a “prize” coup de coeur”. It is Tite Kubo, the creator of the manga Bleach and president of the jury, which has been the initiative. He has even said: “It is imperative that the japanese readers are discovering this work.”

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Was this a fulfillment?

T-M . – A source of immense pride. We talk about all the same of one of the greatest mangakas! It is also what is surely the most advanced editions Michel Lafon and Shibuya to offer us to join their label.

Mr. – It has earned at least two years of work with this label. Not counting the doors it opens up… We thank them infinitely.

Max, the designer trained at the school of animation brings all his dynamism in the implementation stage and with the roundness of its stroke. A feast for the eyes. Michel Lafon, Shibuya Production

Nako is at the crossroads of COMICS and Manga, such as lastman square . What are the graphic styles that have inspired him?

Mr. – Joann Sfar, Christophe Blain, Vives, Balak and Sanlaville for me are very big inspirations. Regarding the color, Bertrand Gatignol is my absolute master. It has opened my eyes to the power of the shades of gray with his work on the Ogres gods .

In the first volume of Nako, there are many doors that are open and want to know the following. We can see from the Sfar and the Vivès in the Maxim Masgrau. For a real treat. Michel Lafon, Shibuya Production

How does the completion of a chapter?

T-Mr – I work in concentric circles. I start by defining the major frames of the story, and then I zoom to the level of the volumes, and then at the level of chapters to address each of these frames and constraints. The last zoom happens at the page level to set the dialogues and details of the scenes. It is at this moment that I send the script to Maxime.

Mr. – My job is to cut out the scenario of the Third World in the manner of a storyboard. I imagine the animated story in my head and I’ve extracted the scenes, a show of hands. It works a bit like a piece of theatre, in fact. We create acts and scenes and descriptions as in the stage directions.

Nako, editions Michel Lafon – Shibuya, 7,95€