Named as one of the causes of the ruin of aspiring entrepreneurs

Some aspiring entrepreneurs spend the first income for personal needs, with the result that you have to take loans for business development that could eventually lead to the ruin of most aspiring entrepreneurs. About it RIA “Novosti” was told by the expert of the National center for financial literacy Elena Bobkova.

she said, “as soon as the first income, the temptation part of them to put personal needs, and this is where you start to encounter the cash gaps, to eliminate which will have to take out loans”.

“Many people forget that your business is responsible not only for themselves but also for others. Regular investing, the ability to plan for risks, business model and more, and then profit is all attributable to the owner,” — said the expert.

we also Recall that on 26 may the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, congratulating the Russian businessmen with their professional holiday and assured that the government is “actively working” on support measures, primarily small and medium business, and “this activity will continue”.

this year, lamented the head of the Cabinet, the country and business “was faced with serious challenges (crisis pandemic coronavirus infection, a collapse in oil prices and the devaluation of the ruble — ed.), which can be overcome only by joint efforts”.

“the Government is actively working on measures to support primarily small and medium-sized businesses, providing grants and tax benefits. This will allow us to preserve jobs, and by businessmen — continue to fill the market with quality goods and services. And this activity will continue,” — said Mishustin.

the Prime Minister, in particular, recognized that “entrepreneurship requires a lot of work associated with a constant voltage and the concentration oftion”. “It requires incredible energy and perseverance, the ability to think strategically, to thoroughly understand the details of his craft and always be connected. These qualities fully possess you, heads of the largest holdings and small companies. From you, in particular, depend on the comfort and well-being of millions of people, the development of the economy, the solution of major problems facing the state,” — said Mishustin.

meanwhile, business in Russia needs clear prospects for future activities in each sphere with respect to the new provisions, and the experience of other countries can be useful in this situation. This opinion earlier in an interview with RIA “Novosti” was expressed by the auditor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Danil Shilkov.

“first and foremost, are the necessary funds to replenish working capital organizations. The need for the formation and composition of a new package of support measures should be elaborated by the Executive authorities, including taking into account the views and suggestions of the practitioners, i.e. representatives of the business community”, — said the auditor.

the chamber has studied the foreign experience of support of business: according to the auditors, most countries prefer to give direct subsidies to citizens and businesses. Thus, large-scale subsidies, credit support and tax benefits to employers and lost income, citizens in the United States, Germany, great Britain and Spain, in Italy and in South Korea payments and tax breaks were granted to the entrepreneurs in the affected industries.