Named ways of preparing the body for the second wave COVID-19

the Russians told how to prepare your body for a possible second wave of coronavirus.

According to therapist Vladimir Beketov, the immune system in humans is the same in all seasons. In this regard, the expert in interview “KP” urged not to rely on the decrease of the infection in the summer.

the Doctor recommends during the period from late August until October to get vaccinated against influenza. Especially, he advises not to neglect vaccinations for people suffering from lung, heart diseases or diabetes. Also, the doctor believes that it is possible to be vaccinated and pneumococcal disease.

Beketov had been warned that to strengthen the immune system, taking Supplements, tinctures, impossible. Meanwhile, long sleep 8-9 hours, as noted by the candidate of medical Sciences, is able to exert a positive effect on the protective functions of the body.

the physician Also advises Russians to eat chicken, Turkey, fish, fruits, vegetables, greens, and bran, to reduce the consumption of meat, mostly sausage products.

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