NASA to Deliver astronauts to the ISS, Russia will have the ships SpaceX

For delivery of astronauts to orbit Russia will be forced to use the ships SpaceX. This was stated by the representative of NASA Stephanie Shierholz, reports Forbes.

She explained that to use only the “Unions” would be unprofitable for the Russian space Agency, because Americans will no longer pay for them. It is likely that the countries will exchange places on ships, added Shierholz. According to her, the astronauts will be sent to ISS for Crew Dragon and Boeing Cockpit and the astronauts on Soyuz. Currently, NASA is negotiating with the Russian space Agency on this subject, confirmed a representative of the Federal space Agency Anatoly Krasnikov.

If countries agree to exchange places, then Russia may lose the revenues from the launches to the ISS Americans, and this may force the Russian space Agency to buy seats from SpaceX and Boeing, the media writes.

According to the newspaper, in the fall of 2020, astronauts and cosmonauts are still sent to ISS on the “Union”. But after an autumn start in the Agency are going to stop buying places in “the Unions” is one place on the ship manages NASA’s $90,2 million. In total, over the last 13 years, NASA paid Russia almost 4 $billion for missions to the ISS, calculated media.

Now NASA has the opportunity to do without Russian ships on may 31 to the ISS docked with the ship the American company SpaceX, which became the first ever private company that performed this task.

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