Nastya Kamenskikh has lost almost 20 kg (photo)

the Singer Nastya Kamensky lost a lot of weight. According to her, she “dropped” almost 20 kg. on his page On Instagram, the actress told how and what to eat to stay in shape.

According to Nasti, she eats 5 times a day at the same time between meals to 3 hours. So she does daily to generate the food habit and increased metabolic rate. In the diet of the singer — oatmeal or sheep yogurt for Breakfast, as well as berries or fruit, nuts. In addition to lunch and dinner she also has two snack. Nastya daily drink one Cup of tea, coffee and vegetable milk, and 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

Kamensky admitted that he never fast and a lot of sports.

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MY PP-DIET 🍓 ⠀ As you requested, tell us about your diet. ⠀ I eat fractionally to 5 times a day at the same time (the interval between meals — 3 hours). So produced in a food rut and this affects the speed of metabolism. Portions I always have normal size ⠀ 🥣 Breakfast Oatmeal or sheep’s yoghurt (without additives)+ berries or fruits can be a little nuts 🌰 ⠀ Snack 🥬 Omelet with avocado or cucumber 🥑 To add more greens arugula, lettuce and Basil. Scrambled eggs — only scrambled egg whites. Without milk or cream. So much healthier!👌🏼 ⠀ 🍛 Lunch It is divided into three components: 1️⃣options 🍴 protein boiled chicken breast 🍴beef steak on the grill 🍴steam chicken cutlet 🍴fish (sea bass, Dorado) grilled 🍴or seafood + 2️⃣garnish (buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa) + 3️⃣salad vegetables in olive oil 🥗 ⠀ 🥘Dinner Meat or poultry or fish or seafood + green salad (olive oil) ⠀ 🥄a Second snack 150g of cottage cheese with a fat content of 5% + a Cup of black tea without sugar ⠀ throughout the day I allow myself one Cup of tea and one Cup toFe ☕ this with vegetable (almond or coconut) milk. The rest of the time drink pure water, 1.5-2 l per day 💧 ⠀ That’s the whole diet! Tasty, simple and only use for the shape and body ⠀ If you liked the post, put a ❤ in my butt on a photo and save yourself) ⠀

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