Natalia Oreiro applied for a Russian passport, but she is already 15

Uruguayan-Argentinean singer-actress Natalia Oreiro said that the Russian fans were flooded her gift Russian passports, knowing how she likes their country. The celebrity wearing a Russian name, said in an interview with TASS.

“today, I have a lot of Russian passports, which I gave the fans, about 15. But they’re not real,” — said Natalia.

Real Russian passport she is expected to appear soon: the actress has applied to receive at the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in Argentina. “One day I went to the Embassy on various issues. I travel so much and have so many ties with Russia, I was asked would I make it official. I said that for me it would be an honor,” said 43-year-old star. In the end, she filled out “paperwork” and waiting for their consider.

a Year ago in the program “Evening Urgant” Oreiro joked that President Vladimir Putin “ought to give her citizenship.” Oreiro visited Russia no less than 15 times and wants to be “even more Russian than French actor Gerard Depardieu,” who several years ago became a Russian citizen.

Oreiro is famous around the world, playing the orphan Milagros in the TV series “Wild angel” produced by Argentina.

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