Natasha Koroleva told about the loss of business due to pandemic

Singer Natasha Koroleva told that after the abolition of the regime of self-isolation-owned them with her husband Sergei Glushko beauty salons and a fitness club is not open.

In her words, “7 days”, “our business is dead, sadly”. The artist added that he can say that “the coronavirus has made in my life something globally bad.” “From my close environment, no one died, no one got sick, and that’s good,” said the singer.

the Queen noted that he and Glushko have enough money, know how to count money, and “the show-off already ate”. “Serezha, after so many years of his life on stage, something earned, something saved up, something gained, and that’s enough for us”, — concluded the singer.

Earlier posted an interview with Tarzan, in which he complained that the situation with COVID-19 struck them with his wife to the family budget. Later Tarzan said that did not complain about the lack of money, and even help the needy.

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