National database of genetic information in Russia is expected to be fully launched in 2024

National database of genetic information, which is created in Russia on behalf of the President with the participation of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, should be fully launched in 2024. About TASS said the Director of nits Alexander Blagov. According to him, these people will store it in an impersonal form. Blagov added that from the point of view of a large part of the base will be open to all users, however in some cases, for example, the genomes of especially hazardous organisms or agricultural lines, which are of commercial value, access will be restricted. “Sole paragraph — the genetic information of the person. Given the existence of legislative regulation in the Russian Federation, all genetic information will be de-identified,” — said Blagov. In his opinion, the establishment of a National database will form a single distributed network structure for the storage and processing of genetic information, digitize all existing in the Russian Federation collection of living organisms and to create a geographical database of peoples of the Russian Federation. We will remind, earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has charged the government with the participation of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” to provide in 2021 the annual allocation of Federal budget funds for the establishment and functioning of information-analytical system for the storage and processing of genetic data “national database of genetic information”.

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