NATO refused to cancel the exercises in the background COVID-19 and argued with Russia

the Alliance did not agree with the proposal to limit military activities at the time of the pandemic coronavirus and give up exercises in Eastern Europe.

according to “Kommersant”, the official representative of the Alliance Oana Lungescu said that “NATO’s actions are strictly defensive, proportionate and relevant international obligations.” According to her, exercises in Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s actions and military buildup in the Baltic region involving ships, aircraft, fighting vehicles and marine corps.

NATO also said that although Russia and invited the Alliance to limit military activity, she in April, spent a few exercises in the Kaliningrad region. Also in Brussels, urged Moscow to modernize the Vienna document on confidence-building measures and security, which provides for the exchange of information on armed forces, defense planning and budgets.

On the reduction by Russia of the program of exercises near the borders of NATO countries on may 19, said foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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