Navalny announced the elimination of FBK

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny delivered a video message on his Youtube channel, which announced the decision to liquidate it created 9 years ago the Fund of struggle against corruption.

According to him, the court satisfied the claim of the businessman Prigogine and ordered it, Love the Sable and the FCO to pay “an incredible amount of 88 million rubles.” “I don’t care that he compensation paid. Do not care for what the facts of poisoning his food recognized by all. You have to pay him 88 million rubles,” — said Navalny, presenting the screenshots from the website of the Federal bailiff service, which can be seen that it needs 29 million rubles, Sable 29 million rubles and FBK 29 million.

the Opposition leader also reminded that Sable had managed to prove the fact of poisoning of children in the Moscow kindergartens.

“the Amount is huge, and I don’t even see the point to collect it,” concluded Navalny, adding that FBC and “so nothing.” “Everything was taken on previous searches. And now take and the organization itself, and the current account. We cherish our name, but as I have said many times: the FCO is not an office and not a piece of paper from the Ministry of justice. FBK — people,” — said Navalny.

According to him, now the organization will pass to another legal entity.

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