Navalny has called

Voting on amendments to the Constitution, which will be held from 25 June to 1 July, is “illegal, senseless and dangerous to your health — your and your loved ones.” Writes about this on his page in Facebook Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny. According to policy, not all members of election commissions in awe of the idea of a whole week (instead of the usual day) to work at a polling station “in anti-plague suit for the paltry money”, and certainly not all dream to be infected with the coronavirus, infect voters, to bring disease home to their loved ones, and is therefore on strike. “To exclude the member of the PEC does not; only through the courts, for “systematic failure to perform duties”. But failing to vote on the Constitution, not under the electoral act is not a “dereliction of duty”. Yes, and it would be a mandatory member of the Commission may be ill, he could not go for work, it can be plenty of other valid reasons not to participate in voting. So now trying to convince all the unwanted PEC members “out of commissions” — said Navalny. — Might rule — would eliminate”. He said that now is collecting signatures under a letter to members of election commissions in the framework of the “strike of the election commissions”. Signatures for more than 500 of them now over 320 checked and published, said Navalny. “We demand: stop the madness, not to vote in the midst of an outbreak, to postpone it for a few months, to spend it according to the rules of the referendum, with the opportunity to agitate for and against, with a turnout of 50%, with the possibility of independent monitoring; to spend it in one day, without all this unlimited “home”, “early” and “electronic” voting that makes any public control is impossible and meaningless. Under these conditions, the vote will be to recognize”, — the politician wrote. Recall that hundreds of members of precinct election commissions (PECs) with the right to vote have signed an open letter urging colleagues not to work for voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. They recalled that the contacts of Commission members with thousands of people at the polling stations threatening infection of the coronavirus, which could be deadly for the elderly.

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