Navalny told about the cost of conducting the Victory parade on red square

Victory parade in Moscow will cost the budget of almost 1 billion rubles. This figure, as reported voiced by the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny. He said that shipping the troops will be spent 290 million roubles, and the dispersal of clouds will cost about 113 million rubles. Video stream will cost the budget at 83.5 million rubles, special international press centre — more than 135 million roubles, and food for journalists, the water for the parade, receptions are almost 118 million rubles, and the reception of foreign organizations — almost 87 million roubles. It is noted that 59 million rubles, will cost the design of red square and Vasilevsky descent. It also includes the closure of the Lenin mausoleum special panels. Also was signed a contract worth 47 million rubles for the photo, and to send to veterans and home front workers 2 million postcards of greetings, Vladimir Putin will leave 30 million rubles. About 12 million rubles will cost services “branding vehicles” that are used for maintenance of foreign heads of state and heads of foreign governments, members of foreign delegations, veterans of foreign States, accompanying persons, and to service of distinguished guests. In total, almost a billion rubles, said the Bulk. At the same time, said the founder of FBC, this is excluding the cost of fuel for armored cars, tanks, fighter jets, and helicopters. As recalled not less than 35 regions of Russia refused the Victory parade, or spend them without spectators. We will add that earlier the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov recommend Muscovites not to go to Red square on the day of the Victory parade (June 24), and to watch the broadcast of the event on TV.

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