Near Chelyabinsk parents wore in kindergarten water bottles due to utility problems

In Kopeysk in the Chelyabinsk region, parents were forced to bring children to kindergarten and to bring a five-gallon bottles of drinking water. Due to problems with the water supply on the verge of a sanitary disaster was a kindergarten in the village North, according to the Sign with reference to parents.

In one of the groups in “Vkontakte” they complained that the water in the garden there, and you have to bring bottles. “Gorvodokanal says: the water will bring in just three days. It’s about the children. Them to eat, you must cook three times a day, to wash, to wash away” — were perplexed parents.

According to head of the Department of education of Kopeisk Alexei Angeloscuro, the problem with water supply in remote villages is acute and the water tank in some towns the city, he said, did come every few days. However, he said that the problem with this garden is already solved — the water there now is.

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