Near Novosibirsk firemen were cutting the grass with nail scissors (video)

near Novosibirsk employees of firefighting and rescue part allegedly forced to cut the grass with nail scissors. In the parts manual said that firefighters were not forced, and this is their attempt at humor.

according to NGS, video of this process was recorded by the officers of firefighting and rescue part № 57 Kargatskogo district.

Fire-over explained that part before he put the cleaning of the fixed territory of the grass, and the question arose, than to mow the grass. “Battalion said that the Commission came and said, “Nail scissors”. The commandant went and bought them, and the guys started mowing the grass,” said the author of the video.

battalion Valery Zaitsev told the publication that in part there is a “spit type scythes”, but, in his opinion, it was not pleasant to fire and because they had such a satirical move. The MOE has appointed the audit, the results of which will decide on measures in relation to employees.

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