Near Saratov from the bottom of the river, took the boy's corpse

the incident happened on the river Yelshanka, near the village of Lavandin of the Leninsky district of Saratov city. As reported by investigative authorities of SK of Russia in the region, during a swim teenagers-one of them drowned.

Swim went three 15-year-old buddies. They took with them a rubber boat, swam to the opposite Bank and began to swim around the boat. When it drifted to the side, one of the guys swam over her and another boy at that time began to sink. Teenagers are unable to help him. They climbed out of the water and called for help.

To the place of profit rescuers, they explored the river bottom with the help of special equipment and found the body of a child.

being tested, is appointed is judicial-medical examination to establish the cause of the boy’s death.

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