Near Saratov the woman called the idle son of a bum — he beat her to death with a hammer

In the Saratov region 34-year-old man killed his own mother. As reported by investigative authorities of SK of Russia in the region, the crime occurred in the village of Voskresenskoye, Voskresensky district.

the Man had a fight with a 61-year-old mother, who accused him that he has no job, has no source of income and lives on her pension. First son gave to the mother a slap in the face, then grabbed a hammer and struck on the head. The woman fell to the floor and the man began to beat her feet, choking. Then he again grabbed the hammer, and finished it off.

After the murder, the man had gone to the neighbor, who spoke about the incident. The neighbor called an ambulance. The offender tried to conceal the crime, sastera his bloody clothes and throwing a hammer in the yard.

Guilt during the investigation he initially rejected, but later repented of his actions. The court sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

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