Near the house of Yves Saint Laurent in Paris found the body of thirty years ago

In an abandoned mansion in Paris, located next to the house of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who found the mummified body of 30-year-old, reports the Guardian.

According to the newspaper, the corpse was found by workers involved in the restoration of buildings. The mummy was found under a pile of boards and rubble in the house that had been vacant since the 80-ies of the last century.

a Preliminary version of the police was premeditated murder because the body had traces of broken bones and stab wounds. The identity of the victim established that he was a tramp and suffered from problems with alcohol. The police found his children and told them about his father’s death.

the building, in which was found the mummy, is adjacent to the house of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and is located in the heart of Paris, close to Invalides and the residence of the Prime Minister of France. The owner of the mansion, bought the building in January of this year for 35 million euros, had no comment to reporters.