Near Volgograd the girl was electrocuted in the fountain, and near Samara two teenagers drowned in the pond

In the village of Berezovskaya near Samara walk in the Park girl died as a result of electric shock. Nine-year-old dropped the cap into the fountain and tried to catch.

“When the girl was feet in the water, it began to electrocute,” an Investigative Committee.

At the time of the accident near minors, no relatives, just a girlfriend. Strangers took the victim out of the bowl of the fountain, but realized that nothing can help her.

law enforcement officers have noted that the fountain in Central Park appeared two years ago. Probably brought to them the wiring is shorted. In the framework of the criminal case about causing of death on imprudence of a consequence has spent searches in the administration of the settlement to find out as well as a killer put into operation.

Meanwhile, in the Samara region killed swimmers in the reservoir 14 -, and 16-year-olds. The tragedy occurred in the village of Small Brajcino Pokhvistnevskoe in the area.

Rescue workers have already recovered from a pond bodies of boys, noted in SK.

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