Usually, when going for a short trip on your motorbike you don’t think about keeping safety tools with you that you might need in case of an emergency. But the truth is that an accident can happen at any time and anywhere and there might not be a motorbike repair shop, grocery shop, or even a pharmacy nearby for you to go to.

So it is always advised that you keep a saddlebag on your motorbike that has all the necessary items that you could use in case of unseen emergencies.

But don’t worry it’s alright not a lot of people are aware of the different ways they can carry various items on their motorbikes because of the lack of having luggage space. But we are here to tell you that traveling by motorbikes is no less than traveling on a car as long as you have the appropriate resources to carry your things in, such as a saddlebag.

There are a variety of motorcycle saddlebags that are designed according to various needs that you can invest in and install on your motorbikes.

If you are a lucky person who already owns a saddlebag and are looking for necessary things they should be carrying then continue reading.

Extra Helmets

Having spare helmets should be a priority along with wearing motorcycle safety gear. This is because while you have the one that you need to wear, you never know who you might need to give a ride to on your way in case you meet a friend or an acquaintance.

To bump into someone and have to give them a ride, you should always have a spare helmet in that saddlebag for their protection.

Always remember that safety should be your priority.

Face Masks

Nowadays it is almost essential to be carrying spare face masks with you to keep you safe from the pandemic. Now when you travel in a car you might get away from not wearing a face mask because you can keep your windows up and protect yourself from air pollution, viruses and bacteria.

However when you are traveling on a motorbike then you become even more vulnerable to be exposed to such things. For that purpose you should always be wearing a face mask under your helmet, especially in case it’s hot and you decide to take off your helmet to talk to someone or simply when you are waiting on a ride light e.t.c.

During the hot season, your masks will get wet very quickly so always keep spare face masks with you.

Hand Sanitizers

This is again a product that has become a necessity to keep with you. You should keep this in case you are making monetary transactions, shaking hands with someone or you happen to touch things that don’t belong to you.


You should always be carrying water to keep yourself hydrated especially during the hot water. You could use this water not only for drinking but also for washing your hands or face if it gets too congested to wear your helmet.


It is very common to get wounds or injure yourself when traveling on a motorbike since you’re not protected by doors or windows. Hence for that purpose, you should always have iodine with you to clean off such unwanted wounds.


It is never a bad idea to keep extra bandages to cover those unwanted wounds. And you never know you might bump into someone else who might need those bandages as well!


This might seem odd but trust me when traveling on a motorbike you can get your socks wet very easily. Not only can that be irritating but you might also catch a cold because of that. So a pair of extra socks never hurt anybody.

Mini Tool Kit

A mini tool kit could also mean a simple thing like a Swiss army knife. That has all the necessary tools in its compact shape that could be used in case of various emergencies. It’s lightweight, small, and can be used for many purposes.