The facilities of Neïl Beloufa are always quite confusing. His carte blanche at the Palais de Tokyo, last year, had allowed him to lose himself in digressions on 2000 m2. Called it “a monumental and sprawling”, the exhibition sinked the visitor in a crash, more or less intelligible, mechanical objects, and videos. In the back galleries, the young artist franco-algerian 34-year-old returns to guest at Kamel Mennour, who is devoting her first monographic exhibition in its space in the rue du Pont-de-Lodi.

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A back to school promising this idealistic dreamer which incorporates in its fables-critical thinking society. “The moral of the story” is “the story of a camel dehydrated post-capitalist that makes building a wall by young and dynamic desert foxes at the expense of the working ants…” we must not look at any capture in these images projected on the bas-reliefs of plaster and sculptures of resin, in which Beloufa includes objects recovery packages of pasta and biscuits… just listen to the voice of Eric Cantona and the music played by the daughter of the artist, a synthesizer of the child to be carried. It is noted that the wall sconces backlit, made from several layers of colored resin are the most successful.

a few streets away, we find Neïl Beloufa in a collective show which celebrates the twenty years of the gallery. “The indian summer” celebrates the most beautiful parts of those who have contributed to the success of Kamel Mennour: Camille Henrot, Liam Everett, David Hominal, Latifa Echakhch… Or the reflection of an emerging generation worn by a merchant pioneer of talent.

the moral of The story, Galerie Kamel Mennour 6, rue du Pont-de-Lodi (Life). Tel.: 01 56 24 03 63. Opening hours: mar. at the sam. from 11 am to 19 h. Until 5 oct.