The new album Nekfeu down on the planet rap like a hurricane. Star wandering was offered the first place in the top Deezer on Whit Monday. He also smashed the artist’s record of the most streamé in 24 hours on the French platform on the day of release, Friday, 7 June, surpassing Two brothers NLP released 5 April last. With 18 titles, including the featuring with Damso, Cheat , which is still number 1 in the top 100 on Deezer, Nekfeu offers an album very well cared-for in which he shows that he has lost none of his talent as a poet.

The third solo album from the rapper has also become the second most listened to in the world on the platform of Spotify, and this from the day of its release on Friday with 13 million streams, according to quoted by BFMTV. This is less than NLP this time, including the album Two brothers had managed to reach the 19 million shipments. The “fenek” is his nickname, has also made a very good start at the level of records sold, with 25.541 albums passed only four days after its release.

Second at the box-office

as We know, Nekfeu likes to surprise his fans and they make it well. He had announced the release of Star wandering two days before on Instagram, on the occasion of the release of his documentary film of the same name. The documentary was shown in a single session in 150 cinemas in France, on 6 June. It was the genesis of the album through a journey of the rapper, from Tokyo to Mytilene to New Orleans. In one evening, the film placed second at the box office of the best starts to a movie with 91.100 entries before X-Men: Dark Phoenix .

The rapper intends to not stop in so good way: the LollaPalooza festival has just announce it to the poster of the third edition of the event, with a concert on Sunday 21 July at the Hippodrome de Longchamp.

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