Info or noise corridor? After a year marked by the absence of Netflix at the Cannes film Festival, RTL reported Thursday that its general delegate, Thierry Frémaux, would be willing to reconsider its positions regarding the representation of the platforms of streaming on the Croisette. Only, a condition must be respected: the films must be first released to the cinema before settling comfortably in our living rooms. Nothing new compared to last year, so, since Netflix had decided to withdraw from all the competitions, to show his disagreement.

In France, the chronology of the media is that a movie is not available until 36 months on the platforms of streaming. This is not the case in other countries, like the United States, where a film can go out in the hall and on the platforms, at the same time.

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“there is nothing new”

However, after having interrogated the entourage of Thierry Frémaux, he has been certified as the general delegate, “has not spoken on the subject.” “The discussions are still ongoing, but there is nothing new on the subject,” we were told.

If a change of position on the part of the general delegate of the Festival there has been, RTL indicates that he would have received the endorsement of the NCC and the ministry of Culture. This decision could coincide with the release of Roma Alfonso Cuaron produced and distributed on Netflix, and which had been submitted to the Cannes film Festival in 2018. Sacred Golden Lion at the Venice film Festival last September, it would not be impossible that Cannes is bitter to have had to pass up this film.

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When a wind storm blew out the last year on the Croisette, the coming months will certainly be critical to the future of the platforms streaming the Festival de Cannes. With the output, the current 2019, The Irishman Martin Scorsese on Netflix, Thierry Frémaux and Ted Sarandos (director of programs at Netflix) would have any interest to find a solution, especially if the project has the potential to receive the palme d’or.

The 72nd Festival of Cannes will take place from 14 to 25 may 2019.