Netflix wants to make his entry in Hollywood, and by the large door. The Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. Since the month of April, the california-based company is negotiating to acquire this famous movie theater, located on Hollywood Boulevard. According to sources in the Los Angeles Times , the sale of tens of millions of dollars should be posted in the near future. But this ad is not unanimous in the city of angels.

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With its façade and its courtyard in the style of ancient Egypt, the Egyptian Theatre is one of the most famous sights of Hollywood Boulevard. Film buffs and professionals from the film industry come here to see movies since 1922. The room, listed as a historical and cultural monument of Los Angeles, had been sold for a symbolic dollar in 1996 by the city at the American Cinematheque, a non-profit association. Last April, the announcement of negotiations with Netflix has cast a chill among the regulars of the room.

However, sources close to Netflix and the American Cinematheque cited by the Los Angeles Times want to be reassuring. They contend that the sale would be as beneficial to the future of the room for its regulars. The association has assured its members that it will continue to manage the programming of the weekends. Classic movies, movies, rare, and independent will, therefore, always displays.

a non-profit organization to a commercial venture

The buyout by Netflix could even make it possible to better support the programming of the American Cinematheque, who must pay a renewal essential of the room. “Members should be happy, told the daily american Rick Nicita, the chairman of the association. This means more opportunities, more events, and more good things in a room renovated.”

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But the community of movie-goers of Los Angeles does not hide her concern over the arrival of the giant californian in this place iconic hollywood cinema. A petition has been launched by two directors of a travel agency, Richard Schave and Kim Cooper. They call for more transparency in the contract and ask the city to put all its weight.

critics of the agreement fear that this place is managed by a non-profit organization passed into the hands of a commercial company such as Netflix. What would happen for example, if Netflix were to decide to sell them, or worse, to close down the cinema?

to Show his good will to the industry of cinema

such A possibility seems however unlikely when we know the importance that represents this opportunity for Netflix. Such a purchase would be a significant step forward in the strategy of the giant of Los Gatos. While she is considered a troublemaker in the world of cinema, and provide funding to the cinematheque would allow him to show his good will to the american filmmakers, and to be better accepted by the professionals of the seventh art.

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The major cinema chains, such as AMC Theatres, have recently refused the screening of films produced by Netflix. Before you post the films on its online platform, the california-based company only allows for a distribution period is considerably shorter than the usual 90 days. His film Roma , directed by Alfonso Cuaron, had been refused by many broadcasters will then it has received three Oscars last year.

the intentions of the company led by Reed Hastings, who did not wish to communicate before the end of the negotiations, are still unclear. But in all likelihood, Netflix should use the room the night of the week to broadcast his films or organize before-first. The company having invested billions of dollars in its productions, the poster of the movie theatre should be powered for even a moment.