Netrebko has condemned social networks for

Opera singer Anna Netrebko criticized in social networks for “frivolous” behavior on the background of the pandemic. She found the accusations “ridiculous and offensive”.

the Star published in Instagram photo of the vacation in Bodrum with my husband and son. The latest pictures from Turkey appeared on her page, 13 July, and 14 July, she posted a photo on which poses in front of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

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14 Jul 2020 10:36 PDT

Users have asked why Netrebko walks in Vienna, but after a holiday in Turkey have the rules to isolate themselves for a two-week quarantine.

“Our family was on vacation in Turkey in early July. But, of course, before the return, as required by Austrian legislation, we have conducted the necessary tests to make sure that we are all not sick COVID-19… All the speculation is ridiculous and hurtful,” explained the singer.

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