Network users were delighted with the owl-

Indian photographer from the city of Chennai Varun Jain made the unusual picture of an owl. As he told the publication the Daily Mail, the photograph was taken during the Safari in Pench national Park in South India. The man tried to photograph leopards. Jain pointed the camera lens at a group of trees and waited for the appearance of the animal, but after a while he realized that the shot hit the bird. According to him, it took almost ten minutes to know that he is an owl. The bird is well camouflaged, and its plumage is almost merged with the environment, but it is a bit of a stir, and gave himself a photographer. The posted on Twitter, attracted the attention of users. Many expressed admiration regarding the ability of camouflage, and some even believe that the bird is real.

Spot the owl

— chelsearust (@chelsearust) June 10, 2020

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