“do you Know how long my producer offers me to those of Franco? 23 years old and still a negative response”, tweeted Sunday, Pascal Obispo. While he is currently on tour to promote her latest album entitled Obispo , the singer seems to lament not to have been asked to provide a date when the 35th edition of the festival la rochelle. Popular French song with almost three decades of his career to his credit, Pascal Obispo was surprised not to meet his public in La Rochelle. “Whether these people comply with all the public”, is it mine to question.

This morning, the anger had still not subsided on the side of the interpreter. In another tweet accompanied by a picture of him in blackface Joker (the costume that he wears during her concerts), it speaks to Gerard Bridge, the organizer of the Francofolies and the Printemps de Bourges , where he has ever played, calling it a “very nice boy” and remind him that he is always available.

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Asked by The new yorker, Gérard Bridge replied calmly. “I have nothing against Pascal Obispo or personally or artistically. I have elsewhere proposed that there are three or four years to come and it could not.” A response that does not appear to have more sworn The Voice which is split to a new tweet, calling it indirectly Led Bridge of “mytho” and link to the article in the Paris , where their two versions are in conflict.