And three! Sir Elton John has just announced a third date in Paris in October 2020 in the framework of his huge farewell tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road. A concert which will be held on October 13 at the AccorHotel Arena and aims to respond to the overwhelming demand of fans who flocked on the first two dates of October 10 and 11. Tickets for this amazing show are available now.

This tour exceptional was started in September 2018 in the United States and gathered together after his first visit to Paris on June 20th, more than 1.5 million people. The reviews are rave for this incredible spectacle which closed fifty years spent on the roads for this icon of pop culture.

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An artist, a tireless

The “Rocketman” does not stop there. The interpreter is the ” I’m Still Standing also, it is learned, made up a title for the new version of the Lion King is the side of the lyricist Tim Rice, Never too late . A piece which will be interpreted by the indefatigable English 72-year-old accompanied by a choir of africa.

If this music is selected at the next academy awards in the category best original music score, the pop icon could end up in competition… against himself! In fact, Elton John was expected to enter the competition with (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again , original title made up for his biopic Rocketman . He interprets duo with Taron Egerton, his double on the screen.

The insatiable singer had already won an Oscar for the release of the original version of the Lion King with his song Can you feel the love tonight . In the remake of 2019, which is expected in theaters on July 17, 2019, it will be reinterpreted by Beyoncé, which will also double the character of Nala.

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