Nevzorov: COVID has become a detox and for Putin and for Russia

novel coronavirus infection in a few weeks struck and destroyed the whole ideology of Putinism. About this in his Instagram said the journalist Alexander Nevzorov.

“What a surprise! It turned out that the “Armata” COVID not crush, missile will not hit, God will not be intimidated and “Immortal regiment” will not be trampled. Prayers howls and the Golden dome does not produce on him any impression, and veterans ‘ marches do not squeeze out his tears,” — said in the video of Nevzorov.

According to him, the only thing that fears the virus of science that until now was useless.

“СОVID easily swept Popov, buckles and victory parade. And staged their own parade, which was forced to March all by its own rules. COVID has become a detox and for Putin and for Russia”, — summed up the journalist and asked a question, will it have the country to use this chance on purpose.

Recall, for the last day of the coronavirus in Russia got sick almost 9 thousand people. The total number of infected in Russia reached 353 thousand 427 people. Died 3633 patient was discharged 118 thousand 798 people.

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