prince Harry has filed a complaint against the owner of tabloids british the most popular of which, The Sun , has shown this group on Friday, a few days after the launch of proceedings against the Mail on Sunday to defend his wife Meghan.

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“We confirm that a complaint has been issued by the Duke of Sussex,” said News Group Newspapers, which owns The Sun (the tabloid british the most read) and the deceased News of The World. According to several media outlets, who talk about hacking voice mailboxes, a complaint has also been filed against the Daily Mirror . On Tuesday, prince Harry was mounted in the niche to defend his wife Meghan against the press tabloid british, who harasses according to him “without pity” as his mother, princess Diana, and he had announced the filing of a complaint against the Mail on Sunday.

It was announced on the website of the couple a legal action against the publication of a private letter, “unlawfully, with intent to destroy (…) by omitting paragraphs, phrases and even words to hide the lies spoken for a year”. He was thus alluding to the publication in February by the tabloid Mail on Sunday of a letter from Meghan to his father, Thomas Markle, vis-à-vis which it has taken its distances, and who don’t miss an opportunity to unburden himself to the media about his broken relationship with his daughter.

“My biggest fear is that history repeats itself,” explained prince Harry in a letter published on this site. “I lost my mother and now I see my wife become the victim of the same powerful forces”. Pursued by paparazzi on motorbikes, “Lady Di” died on 31 August 1997 in a car accident in Paris.

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