“This weekend, a gradual rise in temperatures is expected by the south, without a heat wave risk at first”, indicates Météo-France.

“There will be a slow rise in temperatures” which should lead to “an episode of heat wave probably from Tuesday or Wednesday” in the south of France, Steven Testelin, forecaster at Météo, told AFP. -France.

This heat wave will arrive “from the southwest”, he further indicated. This is linked to “the gradual rise in the country of very hot air from Morocco and Spain”, according to Météo-France.

“Next week, this rise in temperatures will continue, with an intensification around July 14. This heat wave could therefore be intense, even lasting in the south”, warns Météo-France. On Tuesday, 35°C could thus be reached or even exceeded in the south and the thermometer could climb to 38°C on Wednesday, added Steven Testelin.

“An extension of this episode further north is possible”, informs Météo-France, but “a strong uncertainty remains as to its intensity, its geographical extension, its chronology but also its duration”.

France has experienced 44 heat waves since 1947, the last of which was in June. “Over the past 35 years, they have been three times more numerous than over the previous 35 years. The number of days of heat waves has increased ninefold”, recalls Météo-France.