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New museum of the Liberation : immerse yourself in the skin of a resistant thanks to the virtual reality

The history is not learned only in books. The museum of the Liberation, general Leclerc and Jean Moulin, one can even live it. Twenty meters under the ground, in the Position of command Rol Tanguy, Jean, a young officer of the French Forces of the Interior (FFI), a guide to visitors equipped with headphones augmented reality. The hologram makes its way between the cots virtual up to the secretariat of Lucy, the pseudonym of resistance Cecile Rol-Tanguy, the wife of the head of the FFI of the Ile de France. “Ah, you’ll be able to help me locate allied forces”, she says.

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In this shelter a secret, where was organized the insurrection of Paris from the 20th of August 1944, the immersion is total. Between the narrow walls without a window, the smell is rancid and the sounds of boots disseminated by the speakers reinforce the aspect to oppressive the place. “Look at these newspapers on the table in front of you,” says Lucy. He should then direct his gaze towards the articles of the maverick , Battle and Mankind . The image of the solid takes into account the information and the note on the map hanging in front of her.

“Look at these newspapers on the table in front of you,” says Lucy, resistant to the PC Rol-Tanguy. © Paris Museums/Realcast

“To retranscribe at best the atmosphere in this confined space, we used a film shot in the PC Rol-Tanguy by the resistance fighters in the aftermath of the Liberation,” says Scarlett Greco, the digital service of the Paris museums.

This course of 20 minutes in augmented reality, or mixed reality, is like a time capsule. The virtual images projected on the glasses of the goggles lent to the visitors complete the actual elements of this unique place. Of the staff where it is necessary to learn how to build barricades, in the office of Rol-Tanguy, where he helps to write his message to the French resistance fighters, passing through the central telephone office, this amazing trip is a dive at the heart of events critical for the future of France.

To participate, you must reserve your place free of charge at the entrance of the museum. Only problem is, the experience of 45 minutes reserved for more than 14 years of age may be attacked. For security reasons, only ten people can ride at the same time, outside of niche visit standard.

to Make the story alive, This installation is dedicated to the exodus of Parisians in 1940. Pierre Morel

This fun tour is accompanied by multiple pedagogical elements scattered throughout the 2500 m2 of the museum. “The goal was to have a museum more contemporary and accessible to all, in making history come alive”, explains Marianne Klapisch, the set designer. Testimonies of the resistance or of the archives of the INA are disseminated through the many screens. They add to the 300 documents, posters, letters, personal items, or uniforms that allow you to evoke what life was like for civilians under Occupation or soldiers on the front lines.

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The most traditional of the museum. Pierre Morel

On touch screens, interactive maps, represent “The establishment of the Germans in Paris” or “John Mill and his entourage on the Occupation.” “The target audience are middle and high school students, for which this part of the story is distant, explains the designer. Because most of them don’t have a grand-father or grand-mother who lived through the events to tell what happened.”

Far to make the exhibition simplistic, these audiovisual elements make the two-hour tour easier to digest, even for adults. For those who want more, a smartphone app will offer additional content, including an audio tour, with, again, a version for younger kids.

first With one temporary exhibition planned for next February on the exodus from paris in 1940, the Museum of the Liberation, general Leclerc and Jean Moulin has become a must-see for young and old.

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