It is not passed away from the death and life today seems to have an irresistible taste. The singer Stromae, who fought for months against major health problems, has re-emerged Thursday perked up and smiling. His wife, the stylist Coralie Barbier has published a photo of them on Instagram while they are at a sidewalk café in Los Angeles, California. On the picture, the artist is unrecognizable, as the images of him the last few months seemed in comparison a matter of concern. At 34 years old, he shows up all smiles in the arms of his wife. The time of doubt that he has gone through and the disease appear in the past. “Love. Still. Always”, simply explains to his wife in the message that accompanies the photo.

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. Love . Still . Always .

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Here are several months for the singer to success is fighting against the disease and the gloom. In an interview with Liberation, he had made no secret of the evils which the mud. “I lose the ball completely”, there launched it. “I write at night. To be honest, I was in the hospital, so I’m still a little under treatment, and this is why I wake up late. I made a reaction to Lariam, an antimalarial drug, super super serious, he added by the end of 2017. I made a decompensation psychic. It is really not nice. I did relapse it was not long ago. Then I do not impose timetables are complicated.” The maestro described his discomfort: “It runs in the head, and it has major anxiety attacks.” The point of no longer having “too want to sing”. “I often see people who say to me, “then that is when the next album?”. The most important thing today is that I am fine with myself,” he explained then.

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At France Ô, a few weeks later, the singer is told to owe its salvation to her little brother with whom he is associated in the label Mosaert, Luc Junior Tam. If he had not been there at the time of his descent to the underworld, the events could have taken a turn much more tragic. “My brother has been clicked. He realized that there was something that was not going to. And I think that if he had not been there, I would have probably committed suicide that night. It, that’s for sure. I weigh my words when I tell you that. If he had not been there, I don’t think I could talk to you about today”.

Since then, the interpreter of Great was converted into the mode beside his wife, Coralie. He also directed the clips for other artists, and collections”. If the times and the occupation after scene have changed, the parallel with Brel remains-of-use. The great Jacques had made his farewell to the stage in 1967, preferring to horizons more film, or the calm of the recording studio.

In April last year, Stromae was given the new, more reassuring. “I would like so much to do what we did today, with the collection, and the music and everything,” he explained on France 2, alongside his wife and stylist Coralie Barbier and his brother Luc Junior Tam, its partners in the collective Mosaert.

Stromae is not returned on stage for the end of 2015, with the exception of an appearance in march at the side of the rapper Orelsan. “I need to remove all the pressure that brings success (…) I had done 200 gigs in two years, which was a number foolish. It was a great experience, but (…) it went too fast,” he says, long hair pulled up in a bun on the top of the skull. “Even if we sell the dream, it’s still a business, and as in any business, when you work too much, you reach a burn-out,” he said.