It was agreed to answer the questions under the regime of free auditing. According to LCI, Nick Conrad is to be understood since Friday morning in the premises of the brigade for the repression of crime against the person (BRDP) of the judicial police in paris. The man of 35-year-old from Noisy-le-Grand, Seine-Saint-Denis, has responded favourably to an invitation of the police in the course of a preliminary investigation opened by the prosecutor of Paris, on reporting to the minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner for “apology of crime with volunteers to life-aggravated”.

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After his clip last fall’s Hang the White , Nick Conrad is again creating controversy. Still unknown a few months ago, the rapper has released last Friday a video of its title Sweet land. in The midst of insults and provocations, the man intones in the chorus: “I burned the France, I fucked in France to the point of agony”. About illustrated by a scene of strangulation of a woman dressed in red, white and blue. The song was immediately denounced by the political class. Christophe Castaner announced on Sunday to have made a report to justice under article 40 of the code of criminal procedure.

artistic development

For his part, Nick Conrad defended his artistic approach where “the word France is here to be regarded as French mentality, the media, etc, who arrogated to themselves the right to qualify in terms which are inaccurate more than to open the debate thorny”. “It is therefore on them that turn these words, but in no case on the who suffer in spite of themselves.they the influence of the media & the opinion leaders lying”, one can read in a message issued at the end of the clip and signed “Nick Conrad, artist, free man”.

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The defense was the same after the release of Hang the White . Nick Conrad had explained that her song was a “fable”, a “pedagogic process” aimed at raising awareness of an injustice. On 19 march, he was sentenced to 5,000 euros fine suspended sentence for incitement to crime. The rapper has appealed.