Nine deputies wanted to change the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma

Nine of the capital’s deputies from fractions of the Communist party, “Yabloko” and “Spravedlivaya Rossiya”, has expressed his disagreement with that position of the Chairman of the MHD is Alexey Shaposhnikov and offer to change it.

As reported in the Facebook MP Michael Timonov, the statement was signed by, besides him, deputies Besedina, Engalycheva, Loktev, Stupin, Sheremetyev, Yanchuk, Maximov, Savostyanov.

Claims to Shaposhnikov, as the post Timonov, relate both to the conduct of the head of the MHD and the organization of work of the Duma in the period of the pandemic, and two billion of declared income, the origin of which he, in their opinion, not sufficiently explained in detail.

earlier, Alexey Shaposhnikov said that he is ready to verify his income Declaration by the Commission of Moscow city Council if such decision is made. He explained that, in addition to public, there is a non-public part of the Declaration, which also can find a reviewer. “With this (non-public) part of the can see the inspection bodies, and we have a corresponding Commission in the Moscow city Duma, where we served these declarations,” said Shaposhnikov.

He also said that he is not going to suspend its activities until the end of the test there or to resign. “Because I don’t think it’s any investigation, it is juggling, juggling open facts,” he commented on the investigation of the FBC on their income.

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